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Welcome to CDL Creations


CDL Creations excels in building websites through partners such as Wix.  We strive to make sure it's the website that you have always wanted, but didn't know how to build one.  All of your hopes & dreams are discussed in a telephone conversation or email in order to determine if I can get you up and running!  

Basic pricing is what we consider just the bare bones of a website but you have so many options.  A basic website typically consists of one page without design features, with additional pages being extra. This basic website does not include a domain or a specialized email which can be purchased separately through either Wix or GoDaddy.

  • Do you want your own domain name?

  • Do you want weekly or monthly updates? Or none at all?

  • Do you want several photos or just one?

  • Do you need contact form(s)?

  • Animation?

  • Do you want different fonts, or other design features?

  • Are you wanting to add social media icons to your page?

  • A blog, a store, or a way to book appointments?

  • Personalized mailbox?

We are reasonably priced and look forward to discussing your website needs or dreams fully with you.  You may contact me at or click the button [you must have a default email program installed to use the button).