Have you been thinking about drivng those big rigs? 

Guess what? 

We can help you achieve your new career goals!!! Just ask and we will get you pointed in the right direction!

Need to get to work, after training?  The benefit of going to a carrier for training vs a school  The carriers if your training goes well, will offer you a driving career afterwards.  A school will only give you enough information & training to pass the state test, but do little to guarantee you a driving career.  Most companies have contracts, but if you drive for them after training, you can satisfy not having to pay them back.  They will waive those training fees or you only need to pay a small amount.

Side of a trailer

Learning is just the beginning

We have solutions for you.  We have a few companies willing to offer you such opportunities.

First and foremost, you have to have a good driving record as well as

  • No drug, sexual or theft convictions within the last 10 years

You must provide up to a 3 year employment history; including company name, your title-duties, address, phone number and contact person.

Some companies if you do have accidents, you must provide accident report/insurance claim on all accidents that show on MVR in the last 3 year

Let's check to see who is 

hiring in your area

USA map
Snowy highway

What will you be trained on?  

In the classroom:

  • Administrative check-in & paperwork

  • DOT physical & drug screen [You must pass both to be able to continue]

  • Safety procedures

  • Mechanical operations

  • Laws & rules of the road

  • Log requirements

  • Federal rules & regulations as well as state laws, etc.

  • Hazmat training & videos

  • and more

In the Truck Training:

  • Properly Turn & Back Up & loads of yard time honing your skills

  • Driving in city, highway & construction, truck stop and rest areas.

  • Pre-trip inspection; tractor & trailer

  • and more

You will either train driving in the snow, or by the time it snows, you will have better skills to operate your equipment.   

You essentially become a paid tourist.  Criss-crossing across the USA seeing places that you have never seen before!!

Mountains, big cities, little one-horse towns, and so much more!


Driving in traffic takes a lot of skill, because you have to be looking out for any potential hazard.  You have to be able to maintain control of your truck as well as be able to spot other drivers having an issue and avoiding them!  

Here is a tip:  Learn to check your mirrors constantly!!